Myanmar isn’t a renowned beach destination but idyllic stretches of palm fringed sand hardly come more perfectly formed than that at Ngapali Beach. North of here and there are endless islands and undiscovered beaches but for the moment most remain out of bounds. Once you reach steamy Sittwe you can frolic with the locals on the town beaches and watch the sunset over the Bay of Bengal from the beach and viewpoint a short walk or cycle south of Sittwe. Closer to Yangon, Chaung Tha Beach and Ngwe Saung Beach probably won’t fit everybody’s notion of a picture-postcard deserted beach, but they’re clean, sunny and the easiest beaches to reach in Myanmar. As the country starts to open up to outsiders more and more beaches will start welcoming foreigners, but none of these are likely to be more enticing than the unknown Myeik Islands in the deep south.



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